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Spring bursts forth with an unbelievable bouquet of color—all the natural beauty that you could imagine.

Summer will lure you with golden hills, verdant vines and the warmth of the sun. Evenings can be cool even in summer, so bring a sweater for outdoor dining.

In Fall, the fragrance of "Crush" and a vineyard patchwork of golds and greens celebrate Autumn. Make your reservations early for this very popular time of the year.

Winter in Napa means vivid yellow mustard amidst the sleeping vines and bright green hills invite you to sip wine next to a cozy fireplace.


Expect mild weather year-round in Napa Downtown. Sunny, warm days and comfortably cool nights are the norm, with the occasional rain shower in the winter months. Dressing in layers will ensure your comfort through out the day and into the evening.

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Things To Do In Napa

Mark Herold Wines

710 First Street Napa, California 94559 (707) 256-3111 markheroldwines.com/

Blackbird Inn

1755 First St. Napa, CA 94559 (707) 226-2450 blackbirdinnnapa.com

Azzurro Pizzeria

1260 Main Street Napa, CA 94559 (707) 255-5552 azzurropizzeria.com

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