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Turn Toward Your River

Moira Johnston Block on saving the Napa River, and in the process, the city of Napa. 
When the Corps of Engineers nearly "killed the mighty Mississippi," President Clinton finally changed their "river protection" practices. And Napa became the turning point for the nation's waterways.
Other cities can turn toward their rivers and reap the bounty.



Flavor! Napa Valley

Some of the world’s best chefs are located right here in Downtown Napa!  Chef’s like Iron Chef Morimoto of Morimoto Napa, Tyler Florence of Rotisserie and Wine, Ken Frank of La Toque, and Greg Cole of Cole’s Chop House and Celadon.  Catch them this November 17 – 20th at Flavor! Napa Valley.

Do Napa-Spontaneous day of shopping , wine tasting, dining, and sightseeing

A spontaneous visit to Napa for a day of shopping, wine tasting, dining, and romance. This lovely couple visit Cake Plate Boutique, Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company, Mason Cellars, Bounty Hunter Wine Bar, Celadon, Bistro Sabor, and the Napa River Inn. Brought to you by the team at DoNapa.com and the Napa Downtown Association.

Downtown Napa's Chefs' Market

The seventeenth annual Thursday night Napa Chefs' Market summer season runs through August 4, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Located on First Street in Downtown Napa. The event is free, family-oriented and open to the public.


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Hawthorn Inn & Suites

314 Soscol Avenue Napa, CA 94559 707-226-1878 www.napavalleyinns.com/

Meet the Makers

1041 Jefferson Street, Suite 4 Napa, CA 94559 (707) 257-2117 www.artscouncilnapavalley.org/mtm/introduction.shtml

Napa Cycle Sport

796 Soscol Ave. Napa, CA 94558 (707) 265-7886 www.napacyclesport.com/

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